Ben Balser

Media Production

I am also a professional dog trainer and consultant.
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I have experience not only with live and recorded events, but also as production manager for television and SVOD platforms, and with productions for various government, non-profit, religious, and corporate entities. I bring over 23 years of experience with independent productions. Be it video, audio, motion graphics, post-production, whatever your needs I have the knowledge, resources, and associations to bring your project to fruition.

I’ve consulted, trained, and produced for and with clients such as US Central Command Tampa, Southern Methodist University, Louisiana State University, Progressive Insurance, Burns & McDonnel Engineering, Louisiana FastStart, OnSite Software, American Institute of Architects, National Association of Broadcasters, Univision, Discovery Channel, Acadiana Open Channel, Deaf Talk Services, CNN, ComCast, Ochsner Hospital, Homeland Security, Delgado College, Future Media Concepts, EF Tours, WLAE New Orleans, Alabama Farmers Federation, Mississippi State University, University of Louisiana Lafayette, Phyxware Inc, macProVideo, Go4Cast, Johnson County Community College,The Orchard Solutions, Business Rules Inc, St. John’s and Neely United Methodist Churches, and more.
Semi-retired but
I studied educational psychology at Loyola University in New Orleans and have been an Apple certified master trainer for their professional applications for over 15 years. Along with experience teaching a variety of courses on a variety of media production subjects for universities, national organizations, broadcast stations, government/military organizations, and more.

I have taught post-production at LSU as well as lead their Summer Teen Filmmaking Bootcamp, was the post-Katrina video production trainer for New Orleans Video Access Center, and have been a guest trainer at New Orleans Center For Creative Arts, with experience teaching numerous courses for major corporations, broadcasters, and universities across the US.

Before this I was an IT professional for 15 years and successfully taught a wide variety of technical courses for local businesses and national corporations, to both technicians and end-users alike, as well as being a national junior project manager for NCR.

I come from a long family line of professional educators and feel that teaching is in my blood.


In my former and current careers I’ve always strived to improved both my professional and personal skills.

TV shows I’ve produced include: Let’s Talk About Dogs, Fay@Five, Black Business Excellence, Property Problems, Our Ol Stompin Ground, Travel With Mackie, Baker Forward, Neely UMC, I.L. Hammond Ministries, and many more.
Produced several video pieces for broadcast and web for the Baton Rouge Police Department K9 Division.
Media Producer & head live streaming for St. John’s United Methodist Church.
A Red Cross Volunteer of The Year for video production 2001.
President of Balser Properties LLC property rentals and FETCH Training LLC dog training and behavioral consulting.
Graphic Design - David Carson
Mental Strength - Robin Arzon
Dog Training - Brandon McMillan
Communication - Robin Roberts
Scientific Thinking/Communication - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Style - Tan France
Entrepreneurship - Sara Blakley
Film Scoring - Hans Zimmer
Filmmaking - Jody Foster
Photography - Annie Leibovitz
Storytelling - Neil Gaimen
Writing - Malcom Gladwell
Comedy - Steve Martin
Advertising - Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein
Negotiation - Chris Voss
Short Story Writing - Joyce Carol Oates
Songwriting - St. Vincent
Mindfulness Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn
I’ve held offices of editor, vice-president, and then president of the LA Association of Video Professionals from 2002 to 2004.
FAA Licensed sUAS Pilot and Apple Certified Master Trainer.
Was production manager at both WLFT TV & Louisiana Film Channel.
Lead Trainer at LSU’s Teen Filmmaking Bootcamp.
Studied Educational Psychology at Loyola University NOLA.
Formerly: SCO Unix Advanced Certified Engineer, CAIS Certified Network Designer & Installation Manager, and CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified.
Apple, Inc
Support Professional 10.5

Apple Master Trainer:
Logic Pro
Logic Pro X
Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut Server
DVD Studio Pro
SoundTrack Pro

Misc Certificates:
Pet First Aid & CPR - ProTrainings PetHero
Music Theory Levels 1-3 - Australian Music Exam Board
iZotope RX 7 - macPro Video
Music Mixing & Mastering - Thomas George
Online Music Marketing - Thomas George
LiveView 600 & 2000 - LiveUniversity
Sales - Grant Cardone

Also: Composer, Dog Trainer, Woodworker, Farmer